Impact of Sugars on Tobacco Product Toxicity and Abuse Liability

What is the purpose of this study?

The purpose of this study is to better understand how varying levels of common sugars found in cigarettes affect how you smoke the cigarette and your responses to them. 

How often are the clinic visits?

You will be asked to attend a screening visit, which will occur remotely using a secured video-conferencing system and then four (4) half-day long (~3 hours) laboratory sessions. Each session must be separated by at least 48 hours but no more than 5 days. 

What will I be doing in the study?

Screening visit. First, we will determine if you are eligible for our study. At this visit, you will complete several forms regarding your history of tobacco use, health, and use of medications. If you are eligible and agree to participate, you will be invited back to the clinic for a baseline study visit.

Baseline visit. At this visit we will collect vital signs and ask you to blow into a small machine to confirm you smoke. Oral cells and urine will be collected. If you are a woman, we may also perform a urine pregnancy test to determine if you are pregnant. If the test shows you are pregnant, you will not be able to be in the study. Additionally, we will ask you to show us a pack of your usual brand cigarette, and we may take a picture of it. We will teach you how to use the database that will record your tobacco and marijuana use (if applicable). We will ask you to keep track of this each day for the remainder of the study.

Baseline period. This period will last for one week. During this time, we will ask you to keep track of your tobacco and marijuana use. At the end of this one-week period, we will ask you to return to the clinic for a 3-hour long visit. Prior to coming in for this visit you must abstain from smoking for at least 12 hours. During this visit you will smoke your usual brand cigarette. We will assess your vital signs and ask that you blow into a small machine to measure your smoking level by examining your exhaled carbon monoxide. In order to proceed in the study, your carbon monoxide level needs to be 10 parts per million or less. After a 30-minute rest period, we will have you complete a questionnaire, collect your smoking level again and ask you to smoke your usual brand cigarette in a regimented manner. Five minutes after extinguishing the cigarette, another measurement of smoking level will be taken and we will ask you to complete several questionnaires that measure your responses to the cigarette. We will collect your cigarette butt to analyze for nicotine. We will wait one-hour before smoking the next cigarette. During this waiting time you will be allowed to read magazines, listen to neutral podcasts, or watch neutral videos. After this time period, we will ask you to blow into the machine that measures your carbon monoxide levels and smoke your usual brand cigarette as you normally would within a 10-minute timeframe. We will perform the same testing procedures as after smoking the first cigarette. We will ask you additional questionnaires at various time points after your second cigarette and then we will ask you to rinse your mouth and oral cells will be collected.

Study sessions. In the next three sessions, we will ask you to smoke study cigarettes that will have varying levels of sugars in them. We will perform the same study procedures as we did in the usual brand session.

Will I be compensated?

If you agree to take part in this research study, you will be paid $25 for the screening and baseline visit ($10 for transportation reimbursement, $15 for the study visit). Eligible participants will be paid $75 for each of the clinic visits ($75 x 4 visits = $300). Additionally, you may earn up to an additional $5 each study visit based on a survey that you will complete. At the end of the study, you will receive a $75 bonus for completing all sessions. The maximum total amount you can be paid is $445.

What should I do if I’m interested?

If you would like to find out if you qualify for this study contact us at 612-625-1294 or email [email protected]. Please leave your name and a contact number in your email or voicemail. 

Who we're looking for...

Men and women, ages 21 and up, who are regular smokers and are generally healthy.


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