Smoking and Alcohol Study

What is the purpose of the study?

The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption on the formation of DNA damage in the oral cavity. The goal is to try to identify DNA damage that may contribute to cancers of the head and neck.

How often are the clinic visits?

You will be asked to attend two clinic visits, each lasting about 60 minutes. The two visits will take place about 2 weeks apart. 

Prior to the clinic visits you will attend a virtual or in-person consent meeting to discuss the study in detail. 

What will I be doing in this study?

For this study you will be asked to fill out questionnaires about your demographics, tobacco/alcohol/drug use history, physical/mental health, recent dietary habits, and exposure to second-hand smoke and vape. 

At the first visit you will have your height and weight measured, and you will provide saliva, cells from your mouth, urine, and blood samples. On the second visit, you will provide the same samples, except for blood.

In addition, you will be asked to complete daily surveys about your tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana use and if you have eaten charbroiled foods.

Will I be compensated?

You will be paid $75 for each completed visit and $25 bonus for completing your daily surveys.  

What should I do if I have any questions?

If you would like to learn more about this study or find out if you qualify, please call or email at: 
Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area: Call (612)-393-8967 or Email: [email protected] 
Austin, MN Area: Call (507) 355-5209 or Email: [email protected]


Who are we looking for?

Contact Study Coordinator

Minneapolis Area:
(612) 393-8967
[email protected]

Austin, MN Area:
(507) 355-5209
[email protected]

Principal Investigator

Stephen Hecht, PhD


Tobacco Research Programs
717 Delaware St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414

The Hormel Institute
801 16th Ave NE
Austin, MN 55912